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The Stadtfeld laboratory



07/01/2023 - Emily Goetzler from the BCMB program joined the lab for her thesis work. Welcome, Emily!!

07/01/2022 - BCMB student Kritika Kasliwal joined the lab for her thesis work. Welcome, Kritika!! We are thrilled to have

                         you on board.

04/15/2022 - We have received an R01 from NIH/NIGMS to dissect the impact of genetic variation on the stability of 

                          essential DNA methylation marks in pluripotent stem cells. 

12/01/2021 - The lab is awarded a 2021 Pilot Award from the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative to study

                         the consequences of loss of repressive histone methyltransferases during human neurogenesis.

10/27/2021 - Collaborative work with the Apostolou lab revealing allele-specific functions of imprinting control region is

                         is published in Developmental CellCongrats everyone involved in this work over the years!

09/24/2020 - Simon's work revealing novel and surprising functions of repressive histone methyltransferases during 

                          cellular reprogramming is published. Read more here.

03/17/2020 - Emily's discovery of a genetic determinant of epigenetic stability in pluripotent stem cells is published.

01/22/2020 - The lab received funding from the Tri-Institutional Stem Cell Initiative (Tri-SCI) to explore  novel

                          approaches to study mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation.

01/15/2020 - Emily has successfully defended her thesis! Congrats on job very well done, Emily!! 

04/01/2019 - The lab relocates to Weill Cornell Medicine. We are excited about the possibilities available to us in in                                 our in our new home in the Department of Medicine! 

06/01/2018 - Ly-sha is awarded the Druckenmiller Postdoctoral Fellowship from NYSCF!! 

01/23/2018 - Bhish's work pinpointing the acquisition of developmental pluripotency during reprogramming is            


10/01/2017 - Ly-Sha joins our group from Tom Fazzio lab at UMass Worcester.

07/15/2017 - Vangel successfully defends his thesis work. Congrats, Vangel!!

04/18/2017 - Matthias speaks at the Cornell University Department of Biomedical Sciences Seminar Series

10/11/2016 - Emily's paper on a fluorescent reporter model for Dlk1 imprinting is published

08/30/2016 - Emily successfully passed her qualifying exam. Congrats!!

07/31/2016 - Congrats Emily for being awarded a slot on the Developmental Genetics training grant!

06/23/2016 - Matthias is invited to speak at the Center for Human Development of Columbia University

06/03/2016 - Matthias presents at the Colloquium on "New horizons in functional genomics of disease" of Stuttgart        


05/12/2016 - Simon is among the recipients of the 2016 Special McCracken Award. Congrats, Simon!    

01/14/2016 - Matthias will give a seminar in the Department of Developmental & Regenerative Biology at Mount Sinai

10/07/2015 - Matthias will give a short talk at the CSHL Stem Cell Biology meeting

09/22/2015 - Matthias is scheduled to speak at the CReM seminar series at Boston University

06/19/2015 – Stadtfeld lab is online (Efharisto poli, Kostas Siopis!)

05/01/2015 – Emily joins the lab (this time as a student)

04/01/2015 – Simon presents his work at the 4th Annual Kimmel Center retreat

10/14/2014 – Simon's and Bhish's description of a straightforward approach to facilitate iPSC formation is published

07/15/2014 – We have received our first R01!!

07/01/2014 – Matthias becomes an ASH Junior Research Scholar

07/01/2014 – Vanguel is awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association. Congrats!

06/27/2014 – Taotao is selected as a postdoctoral trainee on a NYSTEM training grant. Congrats!

06/01/2014 – Matthias is awarded a Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Award from March of Dimes

06/01/2014 – The lab receives a NYSTEM IDEA grant

09/01/2013 – Matthias is awarded a Whitehead Fellowship

07/01/2013 – Matthias is awarded a Sidney Kimmel Scholar Award

06/27/2013 – Simon is selected as a trainee on a NYSTEM training grant. Congrats!

04/10/2013 – Bhish joins the lab

09/01/2012 – Taotao joins the lab

07/15/2012 – Simon and Vanguel join the lab

03/01/2012 – Emily joins the lab (for the first time...)

04/01/2012 – The Stadtfeld lab opens at the Skirball Institute at NYU School of Medicine





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